Покидая Блэкпул 
 / Away

Great Britain 2016, 110 мин.
Director David Blair
Cast: Juno Temple, Timothy Spall, Matt Ryan
Язык: English
Перевод: русские субтитры

This beautifully sustained and often heart wrenching drama gradually reveals the story of two lost souls who, against all the odds, offer the other a sense of hope. Timothy Spall shines as a sad and lonely widower who heads to Blackpool, the place where he and his wife spent their happiest moments, planning to kill himself. There he meets spirited Ria who is trying to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend. Love, loss and hope… in Blackpool.

Festivals and awards:

Edinbourgh International Film Festival

5 november 14:30, Formula Kino Horizont