/ The Levelling

Great Britain 2016, 83 мин.
Director Hope Dickson Leach
Cast: Ellie Kendrick, David Troughton, Jack Holden
Язык: English
Перевод: русские субтитры

Clover, the film's clearheaded young protagonist, comes home to Somerset after learning that her younger brother Harry has killed himself. There she is met by her sullen father, Aubrey, a brooding hulk of a man whose past woes have derailed his life. Quiet and dour, unable to express himself, he finds himself trapped in quiet anger. The farm is in disrepair. Recent floods have rendered the main house uninhabitable, and Aubrey lives in a trailer. Harry was meant to take over the farm, but those plans also lie in ruins. It is not long before the simmering emotions between father and daughter break out into undisguised war. Clover instinctively blames Aubrey for the death of her brother and is determined to get to the truth. Aubrey, ex-army, has his own issues to deal with.

Festivals and awards:

London International Film Festival - First Film Competition participation

4 november 19:00, Formula Kino Horizont

23 february 17:00, Moskva
23 february 18:00, Moskva
23 february 19:00, Moskva
23 february 20:00, Moskva

3 may 18:30, Nizami
4 may 14:30, Nizami